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Screw Compressors

Innovative, Technological, Reliable

Lupamat Screw Compressors, with its innovative perspective, technology follow-up feature and R&D studies, provide maximum reliability and superior performance and offer solutions that will reduce the increasing energy costs to a minimum.

As Lupamat, we not only provide our customers with top class screw compressor models, but also ensure that our customers can use their products with peace of mind, with our commitment to stand behind all of our products.

Lupamat screw compressors, designed with the latest technologies, are manufactured from oil-injected, strong, reliable and high-quality materials. Screw compressors provide high performance and maximum efficiency with component designed for ease of maintenance.

Our products, which are produced with high quality materials, take up little space thanks to compact model screw compressors.

Lupamat screw compressors are widely used in all field of the industry and in all branches of the industry, with oil-injected, low-speed, receiver mounted, dryer integrated, compact model screw compressors. Our screw compressors are ideal for industrial applications where size, cost and efficiency are at the forefront.

MI Series — Belt-Pulley Driven

MIT Series — Receiver Mounted

MITK Series — Receiver Mounted with Dryer Integrated

D Plus Series — Direct Driven

D Premium Series — Direct Driven High Efficiency

DHK Plus — Direct Driven Inverter

DHK Premium — High Efficiency Direct Driven Inverter

Low Operating Expense, High Performance

Lupamat screw compressors are products that reduce operating costs, and designed for ease of maintenance and provide maximum efficiency in design and performance with each component.

Lupamat offers the most efficient screw compressors of its class to its customers with its screw compressor models.

With its screw compressor models, Lupamat ensures superior performance and maximum efficiency by keeping your brand ahead of your competitors, and aims to provide an integrated and perfect customer experience from production to delivery and sales to customer satisfaction.

High quality screw air compressors have the performance and product potential to serve your business for many years. Screw compressors provide ultra-high performance in all field of the industry, ensuring that your air needs are met 24/7 uninterrupted. Lupamat aims to keep your production quality at the top with its screw compressor types.


As standard, Lupamat compressors use a microprocessor control system with an LCD screen, specially designed for Lupamat. Many other processes such as the operating status of the compressor, pressure and temperature values, maintenance times, malfunctions that stop the engine or not, replacement times of the bearing, oil, oil filter, air filter and separator filter element can be followed via the microprocessor LCD screen.

Microprocessor control units with remote monitoring feature are compatible for industry 4.0 and meet all required requirements.


Lupamat DHK PLUS and DHK PREMIUM series uses Mitsubishi brand inverter in all screw compressor models.

Electric panel

As standard in the electrical control system of Lupamat screw compressors, motor starter contactors, auxiliary contactors, motor protection thermal relays, fuses, phase sequence protection relay with thermistor controlling the motor temperature and rotation direction of the screw block, transformer etc. It is selected from CE certified brands. Electrical materials are all MITSUBISHI brand.

Electric motor

In Lupamat screw compressors, energy-saving asynchronous electric motors with insulation class F, IP 55 protection, IE3/IE4 efficient, CE certified are used. In addition, a new generation “Permanent Magnet Motor” (Permanent Magnet Motor) technology is also used according to the customer demands.

Oil Separation Tank

It separates the oil mixture coming from the compressor in two stages. The amount of oil remaining in the air separated from the oil at the immersion separator filter outlet is max. It is 2-3 ppm.

Lubrication is provided without a pump by utilizing the pressure difference in the oil tank. The separator tanks are produced specially for screw compressors with CE certificate.

Air Filter

The air suction filter used in Lupamat screw compressors is used as a two-stage, dust-retaining, automatic discharge, paper element, the element of which can be changed very easily, Mann+Hummel brand, electrical indicator.

Cooling System / Radial Fan

In screw compressors, the air aftercooler, which cools the air coming out of the air/oil separator up to a maximum temperature of 10-15 °C above the ambient temperature, is coupled with the thermostatic mixing valve-controlled oil cooler, which ensures sending oil to the screw block at the most suitable temperature, and cooling is provided by fan air.

Energy saving is provided by fan motor by controling the temperature. Compressed air and oil lines are made of hydraulic hoses and steel pipes that will not be affected by vibrations and expansions. It is provided by a radial fan, which provides more effective cooling of oil and air in our 75 KW and above compressors.

In addition, the radial fan used in screw compressors is activated as an inverter. In this way, it saves energy and allows screw compressors to operate without any problems for many years.

Compressor Cabin Protection

As standard in all screw compressors, a compressor cabinet protect with mechanical locking, covers that can be opened and removed from all directions, which provides convenience in maintenance and control operations and service in accordance with EU regulations and standards, is used. The compressor is completely mounted on the chassis.

The interior of the cabin is covered with non-combustible sponge material as sound insulation, thus minimizing the operating noise level.

Hose Connections

“Gates / Vitillo” brand hoses are used in the hydraulic connections of screw compressors. Hydraulic connection production is made in our own facility with a special machine and absolute impermeability is ensured.

Screw Block

Aerzener, Gardner Denver, Termomeccanica branded screw blocks are used in all our screw compressors, which are produced with single-stage oil injection, advanced technology, low-speed efficient, high-quality and energy-saving.

Drive System: In our LKV-MI type screw compressors, the screw block is driven by a V-belt by means of an electric motor, and there is an easily adjustable belt tensioning system. In LKV-D PLUS, D PREMIUM, LKV DHK PLUS, LKV DHK PREMIUM series compressors, the screw block electric motor is directly coupled via a coupling bell and the power is transferred by coupling.

Dodge brand is used for Coupling connection Rexnord . In the LKV DHK PLUS and LKV DHK PREMIUM series, an inverter integrated into the electrical panel is used, which saves energy by changing the speed according to the air requirement.

Proportional Control Valve

In standard screw compressors, optionally, variable capacity control, which automatically enters the regime according to your compressed air use, is done with a proportional control valve. By this feature, up to 20% energy savings are achieved in screw compressors.

Heat Recovery

Increasing energy needs around the world, as well as decreasing energy resources, lead the manufacturing sector to constantly seek potential energy saving opportunities. Such an energy saving is effectively possible in the compression process in compressed air production.

In screw compressors, the heat released after the air and oil are compressed in the screw and the heat generated by the electric motor can be gained as energy. The use of this heat energy in space heating by directing the hot air through the hood provides a recovery.

In addition, hot water can be obtained with heat gain exchangers to be added to the oil and air circuit. The hot water obtained can be used in the process or used as a space heater in radiators. Thus, 91% of the discarded heat energy will be recovered by recycling.

In Lupamat screw compressors, the hot water obtained with the heat exchanger connection can be used for various purposes in industrial use, parts washing band, process heating, kitchens of large enterprises, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, heating of parts of the enterprise such as warehouses or offices with the heating connection and many other sectors.

In the water-cooled compressor, the water pipeline connection after the heat exchanger outlet varies according to the intended use of the enterprise.

This system can be closed circuit as well as open circuit. This selection is determined by the customer and the connections are easily made by the customer.

Multi-Start System

In Lupamat screw air compressors, it is possible to operate 6 compressors with a single multi-operation system, depending on the compressed air requirement used in the facility.

Energy saving or even aging or sequential operation can be done. For example; Assuming that there are three screw air compressors, one with different free air efficiency, 22, 45, 75 kW 10 bar, in total; It is possible to operate the compressors alternately according to the compressed air requirement, according to the parameter values ​​to be entered into the multi-run system.

With another example; While the daily air requirement in the facility is mostly provided by a 45 kW compressor, when more compressed air is needed in the daytime, the 45 kW compressor will switch to standby mode in line with the program, while the 75 kW compressor will be activated to prevent undesirable pauses in production.

In the same situation, if the compressed air produced by the 75 kW compressor is excessive, the 75 kW compressor will switch to standby mode, while the 22 kW or 45 kW compressor will be activated depending on the compressed air requirement.

By switching the compressor on alternately according to the changing compressed air needs of the enterprise, production interruptions will be prevented and an effective energy saving will be achieved at the same time.

Oil Heater

In our Lupamat screw air compressors, upon customer request and order, stainless steel body ceramic heater / heaters are used to heat the oil circulation system and the screw group in order to prevent the compressor oil from freezing and to prevent damage to the screw block at start-up and at the same time, in cold weather according to the seasons. .

Remote Monitoring

Today, with the development of technology, the capabilities of compressors have started to increase. With this feature, information such as pressure, temperature, operating hours, malfunction, warning and maintenance time of the compressors can be monitored instantly.

By monitoring this information, it will be possible to prevent malfunctions and provide a better service. Lupamat compressor users will be able to have this optional service, which will be provided over the internet or sim card, with the addition of additional equipment. It can also be integrated into built-in compressors.

Water Cooling

Lupamat screw compressors can also be made with water cooling. Compressors with this feature, offered as an option, provide air and oil cooling by using air/water and oil/water exchangers.

In this system, which is applied using body/pipe type or plate type heat exchangers, the compressors can be much quieter since there is no fan. In addition, water-cooled compressors can operate more regularly, even in the hottest tropical countries, as the temperature changes of water are much less than that of air.

Water Separator

Liquid water formed by the effect of pressure and temperature changes in the compressed air installation moves along the compressed air line as droplets. If precautions are not taken, these droplets; Pneumatic systems rust, air leaks, valves sticking, etc. cause serious problems such as

In order to avoid such possible problems, the water separator and the compressed air-liquid water should be separated from each other. The water separators used before the compressed air dryer also allow the dryer to work more effectively by taking a part of its load. Condensed water is discharged by automatic drains under the separator.

Automatic Drain

Starting from the aftercooler of the air compressor, the condensed water at the end points of the water separator, air tank, compressed air dryer, line filters, collector and pipes must be removed from the compressed air system by automatic drains.

Automatic evacuations can be applied with float, timer and electronic level control. In the selection of automatic evacuations, care should be taken to ensure that air leaks during evacuation are at least without loss.

Soft Starter

During the direct start or star-delta start of the electric motors used in all reciprocating, screw compressors and other machines, up to 2-3 times excessive current is drawn. The electrical network may be affected by this sudden load and cause sudden voltage drops.

In order to prevent these changes, a soft starter is used, which provides a soft start to the electric motor and also eliminates star-delta connections. With this optional feature, the life of the electric motors used is extended and sudden changes in the network are prevented.

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