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EW HOF Động cơ điện mô men lớn chuyên dụng

Torque motors from EW HOF

Are you looking for tailor-made torque motors that are powerful and reliable? You have come to the right place!

As direct drives, torque motors from EW HOF replace the classic combination of asynchronous standard motor and transmission or conventional hydraulic solutions. This involves multi-pole permanently excited synchronous motors with high torques at low speeds that are designed to be either water- or air-cooled. We offer you drive solutions that are individually adjusted to your interface, and in addition, we also make it possible to absorb axial and radial process forces or to transfer media using hollow shaft designs. Are you looking for a torque motor for use in demanding operating environments? Then we would be pleased to offer you products with special surface protection, or heavy-duty design through to explosion-proofed versions. Our torque motors are typically used in plastic and recycling machines, presses, winches, ship drives and mobile application as well as generators for wind farms and hydropower plants.

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