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YZR and YZ series winding rotor and squirrel cage rotor three-phase asynchronous hoist motors are for hoisting and metallurgical machines and other similar equipments. With great load capacity and mechanical strength, they are suitable for equipment with short time or intermittent duty, frequency start or brake, obvious shock and impact.
The standard range of power output and mounting dimensions are in comply with the recommended standard of IEC 72. The motor can work well when the altitude does not exceed 1000 meters.
The motors posses a better enclosure, degree of protection IP44 for normal site condition and IP54 from metallurgical condition.
There are two classes of F and H insulation, Class F is applicable to suit temperature which cool air does not exceed 40 under normal condition, Class H is suitable for metallurgical sites when ambient temperature no exceeding 60 both motors have same data.

Chúng tôi cung cấp giải pháp động cơ điện AC chính hãng, động cơ điện dự phòng, động cơ điện thay thế tương đương, động cơ điện giá cạnh tranh, giải pháp động cơ điện và điều khiển tự động hoá công nghiệp.


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Động cơ điện ABB: M2QA132 M6B – 5.5KW – 6P; Động cơ điện ABB: M2QA132 M6B – 5.5KW – 6P Tag: Motor ABB M2QA 132M6B, Động cơ điện ABB M2QA; MOTOR ABB M2BAX 355SMC 6 – 3GBA353230 (IE3) 250Kw 6P; Motor ABB M2BAX 355SMB 6 – 3GBA353220 (IE3) 200Kw 6P; Motor ABB M2BAX 355SMA 6 – 3GBA353210 (IE3) 160Kw 6P; Motor ABB M2BAX 315MLB 6 – 3GBA313420 (IE3) 132Kw 6P; Motor ABB M2BAX 315SMD 6 – 3GBA313240 (IE3) 110Kw 6P; Motor ABB M2BAX 315SMC 6 -3GBA313230 (IE3) 90Kw 6P 994rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 315SMB 6 – 3GBA313220 (IE3) 75Kw 6P 994rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 280SMC 6 – 3GBA283230 (IE3) 55Kw 6P 993rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 280SMB 6 – 3GBA283220 (IE3) 45Kw 6P 991rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 250SMA 6 – 3GBA253210 (IE3) 37Kw 6P 986rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 225SMA 6 – 3GBA223210 (IE3) 30Kw 6P 988rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 200MLB 6 – 3GBA203420 (IE3) 22Kw 6P 978rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 200MLA 6 – 3GBA203410 (IE3) 18.5Kw 6P; Motor ABB M2BAX 180MLA 6 – 3GBA183410 (IE3) 15Kw 6P 971rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 160MLB 6 – 3GBA163420 (IE3) 11Kw 6P 976rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 160MLA 6 – 3GBA163410 (IE3) 7.5Kw 6P 979rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 132MLA 6 – 3GBA133410 (IE3) 5.5Kw 6P 974rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 132SMB 6 – 3GBA133220 (IE3) 4Kw 6P 972rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 132SMA 6 – 3GBA133210 (IE3) 3Kw 6P 968rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 112MLA 6 – 3GBA113410 (IE3) 2.2Kw 6P 957rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 100LKA 6 – 3GBA103810 (IE3) 1.5Kw 6P 955rpm Model: M2BAX 100LKA 6; Motor ABB M2BAX 90LB 6 – 3GBA093520 (IE3) 1.1Kw 6P 954rpm; Motor ABB M2BAX 80MC 6 – 3GBA083330 (IE3) 0.37Kw 6P; Motor ABB M2BAX 71MLA 6 – 3GBA073410 (IE3) 0.25Kw 6P; Motor ABB M2BAX 71MB 6 – 3GBA073320 (IE3) 0.18KW 6p; Motor ABB M2BAX 355SMC 4 – 3GBA352230 (IE3) 355Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 355SMB 4 – 3GBA352220 (IE3) 315Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 355SMA – 4 3GBA352210 (IE3) 250Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 315MLB 4 – 3GBA312420 (IE3) 200Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 315SMD 4 – 3GBA312240 (IE3) 160Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 315SMC 4 – 3GBA312230 (IE3) 132Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 315SMB 4 – 3GBA312220 (IE3) 110Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 280SMC 4 – 3GBA282230 (IE3) 90Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 280SMB 4 – 3GBA282220 (IE3) 75Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 250SMA 4 – 3GBA252210 (IE3) 55Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 225SMB 4 – 3GBA222220 (IE3) 45Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 225SMA 4 – 3GBA222210 (IE3) 37Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 200MLA 4 – 3GBA202410 (IE3) 30Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 180MLB 4 – 3GBA182420 (IE3) 22Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 180MLA 4 – 3GBA182410 (IE3) 18.5Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 160MLB 4 – 3GBA162420 (IE3) 15Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 160MLA 4 – 3GBA162410 (IE3) 11Kw 4P; Motor ABB M2BAX 132SME 4 – 3GBA132250 (IE3) 7.5Kw 4P;

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